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Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Satay Tulang@Restoran Bundo Kanduang, Senawang, Negeri Sembilan

This is another entry that I owed Adawiyah. Sorry (again) as I had to travel to Kuala Lumpur for important meetings (formally and informally). But like Adawiyah said, I have an obligation to inform my readers and fellow bloggers about this special delicacy, which is unique to Negeri Sembilan, through my blog ... so it's better late than never.

Our divalicious tourist guide... Adawiyah, MOTOUR N.Sembilan Director
Okay .. I first heard about satay tulang (direct translation: bone satay) last year, when Adawiyah kept on telling us that she was entertaining friends to this special delicacy. But I was too busy then so I didn't follow up with her for details. Then few months later, I heard about it from Cikgu Yoyop, who was also treated to this delicacy by Syariah (our upcoming TV personality). So that was when I decided to take "further action". Hehehe
Satay tulang - upclose and personal
The name itself was enough to ignite my curiosity. I was wondering how can  these bone parts with little flesh on it be made into satay (I was thinking more like oxtails or spare ribs). Moreover when everyone gave good review about the satay (and kept raving how delicious it was), I just couldn't contained my anticipation.

When I finally saw how it looked like, I was surprised to find out that it was actually made from fleshy chicken bones. Much bigger than ordinary satay. Tastewise ... just like chicken satay but with more grilled chicken fat that add more ummph. It is also eaten with peanut sauce, nasi impit and slices of cucumber and onion.

Actually the satay stall doesn't belong to Restoran Bundo Kanduang. It is just right outside the restaurant and only open at night starting from 8pm onwards. Maybe that was one of the reason why it was not really well-known to people outside of Seremban/Senawang area.

I didn't realised that I've been to Restoran Bundo Kanduang before, until I saw a big property advertisement billboard right opposite it. That time I was craving for Nasi Padang upon returning from Jakarta, so while doing routine checking around Senawang/Seremban (was with KPKT then) we decided to stop there for lunch. They  have quite good Minang-style menu.

Anyway, satay tulang is quite well-known in Negeri Sembilan (other than it's Masak Lomak Cili Api) and you can find it in weddings and events as illustrated by the picture above. So visitors to Senawang, please make sure you try this special delicacy. To get there .. from PLUS highway, enter the Senawang exit and follow signboard to Senawang Giant Hypermarket. Then enter to Giant Hypermarket, go further up to Taipan Senawang area. You won't miss it.


Si Yoyop Bah... said...

Yeah. More umppphhhhh than ordinary satay. Brapa cucuk ko boleh mkn?.

Negeri Sembilan Sport Aviation Club said...

Actually, Sate Tulang Jelebu...Its started from Jelebu before the owner tu buat di Senawang. Di Jelebu, just a small stall mcm org niaga sate jeee but the Que, peeeerghh..panjang gila... btw, si yoyop boleh makan 10 cucuk bah..sbb gigi die mcm piranha..ahaks..Suhaila, nov repeat balik ke dgn syariah?? ade pooorrt baik lepas ni..mkn kuih gulung Nek Wan...no special pasal kuih nie,but how its made..kene tiup dulu dapur tu baru dpt makan..muahahahahaha..only di toooooot, negeri sembilan.. shazwan jeeeee

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