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Friday, February 11, 2011

Mee Udang Cantik @ Ayu Mee Udang, Teluk Kumbar,Penang

Been eating a lot lately ... from Penang to Kuching, Sarawak and Mallacca. Don't worry, all my food misadventures are well documented in my camera, which explains my long absent from this blog. Need to get more yummy materials to be featured in this blog hehehe.

About 2 weeks ago, after sending off my lady boss at the Penang International Airport, I decided to give my driver a treat for the good work done. FYI, one of the many reasons my lady boss love to come to Penang is because of my friendly, chatty and tourists friendly driver. Sometimes, I did "lend" him to some of my close friends who happened to visit Penang for his extra pocket money ... and the feedback is always positive. 

Being a humble person, he never want to impose or demand for anything. In fact, he is like my personal tourist guide in Penang. So that day, he recommended I try the Malay Prawn Mee in Teluk Kumbar, (quite near to the airport) on the way to Gertak Sanggul. I was a bit skeptical about some of the over commercialised prawn mee restaurants along Teluk Kumbar towards Gertak Sanggul as I have tasted one so called famous restaurant but really not to my taste. I have always love my Prawn Mee (also known as Hokkien Mee in Penang) at one stall in Gurney Drive (will blog about it later).

Since I was the one asking him to suggest the place to eat, so I went on with it. The place name is Ayu Mee Udang (as shown in the pic). By the way, the model is Bob, my driver cum tourist guide.

 There were not many people when we arrived there. The place is clean and nice. Not very big but OK.

When my prawn mee arrived, I was surprised to see there was no prawn to be seen on my mee garnishing. I asked Bob, " You sure this is the famous prawn mee? Why so simple?" He just chuckled and told me to dig into the thick broth.
Voila! I found 4 big fresh prawns ...

The bowl can be considered as quite big too. As it was quite a big serving, I wondered whether I could finish mine or not. But I know Bob will be more than happy helping me finish mine.

I always love my prawn done plain either "raw" as in sashimi, steam or blanched (wonder this is the right word for slightly cooked) especially when it is fresh. Yummm ... the owner used fresh prawns for his mee and so succulent that I had to eat it slowly to savour the taste. They even provide you with empty plate so that we can put the peeled prawn skin.

I slurp the broth slowly .... little by little ... enjoying it until I didn't realised that I finished my bowl clean ... hehehe. A bowl of the prawn mee can range between RM 12.00 to RM 20.00 ++ depend on the servings and extra ingredients. That day, we paid RM 12.00 per bowl. But I think it was really worth it ... taking into consideration the size of the prawn (and freshness) plus the serving size. More information about this place is as below.

Ayu Mee Udang
936B, Lengkok Kg. Masjid Satu,
Teluk Kumbar, Pulau Pinang.
GPS Coordinates: N5 17.316 E100 13.699


mekar24 said...

Lama dah tak pi Ayu mee Udang sebab lebih suka makan di salwa mee udang di teluk kumbar juga.

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