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Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Nasi Briyani Ayam Tandoori Claypot @ Restoran Kapitan, Penang

Here in Penang, I have two drivers cum tourist guides. One for official duties, another for official functions (and non-official functions hehehe). So ... my official functions driver, Bob, first introduced me to this place which is said to be fame for its Tandoori Chicken Naan, done the Northern Indian style. Again, to be honest, I am also not a big fan of naan. In fact, I am not much of a bread eater (so to speak). However, click here for story about the Naan. You can't miss the restaurant, once you enter Chulia Street.


Another important landmark is to enter through the Jalan Masjid Kapitan Keling (I guess that was how the word "Kapitan" came from). Just ask people at the area, they will definitely show you the direction there.

As I was sitting there watching people enjoying a feast of red, succullent tandoori chicken with naan, a waiter passed me with a claypot dish. Then I saw, the customer, who ordered the claypot dish, transfered the dish to a plate and voilaaa .... deliciously looking, mouth-watering bright yellow briyani rice dish. Automatically I stopped another waiter and ordered the same dish like the "orang sebelah" (translated ... the person sitting on the next table).

I forgot to mention that it was the fasting month of Ramadan when I first came here. I did not fast, but the hecticness of my boss' schedule made me ended up fasting ... hahaha. So, naan or roti was definitely not in the list ... I needed something more filling! Not contented with just briyani rice and tandoori chicken, I ordered squid sambal to go with the dish (not the typical way of eating briyani rice hehehe). Man ... it was great and delicious till the last grain.

Since that day, I recommended Restoran Kapitan's Chicken Tandoori Briyani Claypot Rice, to  all for my friends, especially for the ones who couldn't stomach the Nasi Kandar, which is very synonymous to Penang. I dare say, many Caucasian (and non-Caucasian) tourists came here to eat too. As evidence in the picture below.

Location: 93, Lebuh Chulia, Georgetown, Penang


Jimmy said...

I couldn't agree more. I think this Briyani is more tastier than the any of the nasi kandar. Thumbs up!

naughtiest maximus said...

hi, are you from penang? i am planning a trip to penang this CNY. Any accommodation suggestion?

Princess Di said...

I am based in Penang. Accommodation depends on purpose of stay and of course budget. But personally I would recommend Sunway Hotel (if u just want to sleep and not bother about niceties). Night time, the place is famous for hawker food. Day time, find your way to KOMTAR and from KOMTAR decide where u want to go. City tour kah, try the hop on bus kah or try out Rapid Penang to tourist destination.

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