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Wednesday, September 4, 2013

New Life, New Beginning

Howdy mate!

There are so much going on in my life right now and I felt that I was drowning in all the changes, excitements and uncertainties. I could not update this blog much the last many months. I have heaps of materials, pictures and photos but none get published on this blog. Well, like I said earlier ... so much had happened and I was drowning in it.  Life actually has brought a new turn ... I am now a student in Brisbane City Down Under.

Nonetheless, prior to the move my foodie adventure has brought me to 3 important Europe cities ... Amsterdam, Paris and London. Each with its own character, history and social strata that shapes its food and cuisines. How much I would love to write and share it but ... I was not in my best of health that time and I don't want to risk another high blood pressure and breakdown. I was hospitalised in March and treated for extremely high blood pressure.

Even the first few weeks of my stay in Brisbane ... I was not rushing into adjusting. I was relaxing, recuperating from the Europe trip and last minute packing up. There were times that I was quite irritated with my housemate and uni mates for rushing me around but yea ... looking back, I was a total mess. 

7 weeks now ... I think I have recovered my passion for cooking and eating. All due to Masterchef Australia! Well I have to be honest ... that was among the few shows that I really looked forward to watching everyday here in Brisbane! It surprised me that Internet service providers here sucks! Took us almost a month to get connected. I had to depend on my roaming internet service (RM 38 per day via Celcom) to access the Internet at home. Plus on a student budget, I couldn't afford cabled TV station.

MasterChef Australia introduced me to lots of things ... cooking techniques, brands, products, and best of all great recipes. I couldn't quite define what can be termed as Australian cuisines. But what I can say for sure is that Australians sure love to eat and they love various types of cuisines, just like Asians. I love the fact that they have breakfast culture here! I had miserable time in Amsterdam and Paris looking for breakfast eateries. But having said that ... come lunch or dinner ... it was heaven for me. 

As was penning this entry ... I was not quite sure the direction of my food adventure. Somehow, after a chat with my housemate, I think I will try do something that I know best ... cooking my favourite food. I have an exam this Friday but I was just not in the mood. Especially now that I got my Internet access from the comfort of my home.

Okay readers ... please bear with me ... I will try my very very best to bring to you what Australia can offer ... and of course my culinary adventure here.



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